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SDNON Partners Dux FM To Set New Standards In Digital Media And Broadcast Journalism

A newfound alliance has been entered into between Society for Digital Newspaper Owners of Nigeria, SDNON, and DUX FM, to positively influence the digital and broadcast media spaces respectively, where these two institutions operate.

This understanding was entered, Friday, September 10, when members of SDNON paid a courtesy call to the management of DUX FM, at their Arepo, Ogun State office, a suburb of Lagos State.

During his welcome address, General Manager of DUX FM Prince Olusola Ajala noted that, although the station is relatively new in the broadcasting space, DUX, a Latin word for Leadership, is fated to restore the glory of radio broadcasting, in their quest for excellence and grassroot engagement.

Prince Ajala further explained that DUX FM in the expedition for excellence in radio broadcasting, is bringing back the style, where presenters go on air with scripts, and a program producer; a style that is fast becoming extinct, in contemporary radio broadcasting, holding to the influx of mediocrity in the profession, he noted.

“We are open to ideas from you, on whatever you (SDNON) can do for us, to beam DUX FM 94.7 to the world. We can make all the noise here on radio, and no one will hear us, if we don’t befriend you. Our reach is limited; however, your platforms have a wider reach. You are the once that can do the job for us.

” And whatever, you think we can do for you on radio, please, do not hesitate to let us know, we are open to the ideas. We envisage a symbiotic relationship between you and us,” Prince Ajala submitted.

SDNON Director of Projects, Mr Niyi Tabiti, speaking on behalf of the society noted that the station through special programming should project activities of SDNON, while, on the other end, activities and materials of DUX FM made available to SDNON members will be used on their platforms.

“We created this society to be totally different from what has been on ground before, that was why we decided to pay a visit to this reputable organization. We believe so much in this organization because of the caliber of individuals at the helm of affairs here. If you have adverts, press releases, and other related materials you want us to use from DUX FM, let us know, we will use them. In return, you can give us slots on the radio to project our activities, especially when we have events,” Tabiti said. 

Reiterating the importance of the partnership between SDNON and DUX FM, Otunba Femi Davies, director of operations at DUX FM, who also doubles as president of the society, noted that the strength of DUX FM in the coming years, would be hinged on how much the station is able to embrace digitalization, which this mutually benefiting relationship between SDNON and DUX FM avail the station.

“You guys are our strength here at DUX FM. Through you, we can cover more grounds. I know the capacity of you all individually. I know your influences; you all know someone we will be needing here at DUX FM as time goes on. I will soon start reaching out to you individually very soon,” Otunba Davies hinted.

According to Otunba Davies, DUX FM was a child of necessity, conceived during the Covid-19 nationwide lockdown, in 2020, and it was birthed to fill a lacuna, that was observed in existing radio stations, especially in the area of community engagement, which he noted is core for DUX FM.

As a mark that the station is already doing something right, Otunba Davies hinted that the radio station has already ranked among the best 10 radio stations in Ogun State, following their test transmission some weeks back.

“The idea of DUX FM came during Covid-19 lockdown. If you remember, it got to a point, broadcast stations became the only means of information. People became restricted, they couldn’t talk or air their opinions. They couldn’t do that on TV because of censorship, however, radio could easily play that role. Radio has the most audience than any other platform in broadcast media; such that, with a small transistor radio, no matter how remotely located you are, you will catch the frequency.

“This explains why these herdsmen get information faster than most of us, regardless of how deep into the forest they are. This is precursory to why we must not allow charlatans dominate our broadcast space,” Otunba Davies noted.

Appreciating the management of DUX FM for the warm reception, General Secretary of SDNON, Seunmanuel Faleye expressed optimism that the new found relationship will be of mutual benefit to both SDNON and DUX FM.

Similarly, Faleye, on behalf of SDNON, expressed condolences to the Chairman of DUX FM, Asiwaju Rotimi Ajanaku, and his family, who are bereaved by the unexpected passing of their matriarch.

In conclusion, Vice President of SDNON, Olufemi Herbert while expressing his delight at the quality of deliberation both organizations had during the visit, he also noted that he is assured that the partnership will yield mutually benefitting results. 

Herbert also thanked the management of DUX FM for the warm reception.